Everything you need for a beautiful pool! 2 Sand filters, underwater robotic cleaner called The Dolphin, surface cleaning net with extending pole, underwater hand held vacuum, solar heater, large brush head attachment, test strips, chlorine tablets, chemicals, replacement spare parts. Larger sand filter used 1 year. Sad to see go but pool wasn't used much. I believe I have manuals/paperwork on ...


Selling a used hamper with metal outer and a cream colored fabric in it. It does have wheels. Easy porch pick up in Genoa near the McDonalds
A rio on the side in the lining. Check pictures. Cross posted. Will only hold for 48 hours.
Prefect for a person into music. This is cross posted. I will only hold for 48 hours.
Just about to bloom: blooms all summer, full sun, have 1 small for $1, 1 medium for $2, 1 large for $3
Nice for outside a door. You can have the dirt in them if you want it. Please bring a bucket for the dirt or a friend who can help you move them. I cannot help die to back issues
They are still strong. Smaller one has more of a bend than the large one
I turned an old Rubbermaid container into large pots to grow multicolored corn. Worked until the wildlife got to it (I live behind a forest preserve). has holes in the bottom so water can drain. You can take the dirt if you want but it s very heavy. I cant help move it due to back issues
Plastic flower pot, never been used. About 12 inch diameter.
Variety of sizes and conditions. Some are like new. Some are bent or broken but remains pieces good