Don t know how many. There is one more that I can add but the poles are bent but if you are strong it probably won t be a problem. The sooner you pick up the better


Large Coleman cooler. Great, clean condition. Dimensions are 28 width, 15 depth, 16 height. Cross posted.
This cart is in good condition just needs a replacement bag. Very expensive to buy it new. It has a locking cabin.
I got this fan after it fell off a truck. Cleaned it up put new bearings in it. It is a two speed but currently wired for low speed because I don't have a two speed switch. Works great moves lot of air. $60.00
Solid for 24+ hrs as used overnight shipment of medicine. Good for camping trips, fishing, or long ballgames. Easy porch pick up off Baseline Road and Route 23 area, Genoa.