PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS NEW CYMBALS Comes with standard sized-Bass Drum-Snare Drum-Floor Tom-Two High TomsBrand new Meinl HCS Cymbals-15 Crash-14 Hi-hats-20 RideComes with a throne and all the hardware required to set up the kit. Love the kit but Im moving to an apartment and cant take it with me Would be a great gift for any beginner
6 piece maple Gretch Catalina Drum set.Includes PDP double bass drum pedal,17 Zildjian projection crash cymbal, 16 Zildjian dark crash, 18 Zildjian medium thin crash, 16 Zildjian ZHT China, 14 Zildjian mastersound hi hat, 20 Zildjian heavy ride. Toms are 10, 12, 16, 18.Excellent Hardware and stands. Drum riser is also included dimensions 65x115x10. It breaks down in 4 pieces. Set includes soft ...
High gloss ebony finish. This piano is in pristine condition inside and out Very clean Very pleasant sound - sweet actually. Stays in tune well. Matching bench. If you need help moving it, I can help, or I can move it for you.
One owner piano. Bought in 2007 brand new. Well maintained, tuning every year. It is a great piano for beginning or intermediate levels. You get the beautiful sound and look without paying a fortune. Daughter played for 12 years, she is now moving away for college and we are selling it.
This was 800.00. I bought it two years ago. I dropped it once and cracked it. But the sound is still amazing. The story of how I got it shows how good it sounds. There was this finger-style master playing at guitar center when I happened to be in the acoustic room shopping. After he got done playing I asked him to pick out the best sounding guitar under 1000.00 dollars he could find. We spent n...
Great condition for age37 inches in height56 inches in length24.5 inches in depthAll notes work properlySatin polishMedium brown finishMahogany woodRarely used couple of times a year - if thatTuned up last in 2001Bench not included
Nice set of drums. Bass wfloor pedal, two top toms, floor tom, high hat wfloor pedal, and cymbal. Also included are mounts and a large cowbell, tambourine, pair of brushes, sticks and mounts. The owner could not take them on his move down south.
5 piece Rogers Drum Set For Sale Late 1960s Holiday Model - maple shells 20 Bass 3 ride cymbals Many stands and Throne12 and 13 Toms 2 crash cymbal Hard cases for all16 Floor Tom 1 splash14 chrome snare 1 pair 14 Hi-HatALL the cymbals are Zildjian
Fender Vibroking 2x12 Extension Speaker Cabinet. These dont pop up for sale very often. Blonde sorry for the bad basement lighting Excellent working condition, near mint except for markings on the back. Loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s. Sounds so amazing Located in Rockford, IL
Zidjian ZBT 18 china cymbal for 100. And Zidjian ZBT 20 ride cymbal for 200. Dont hesitate to call or text to negotiate the prices.
Selling my drum machine which is a Roland TR-08, miniature version of the classic TR 808 also made by Roland. Asking $200 or best REASONABLE offer. They sell for about $250 to $280 used and $379 brand new. Selling mine for $200 and its in excellent condition...priced to moveAs usual please, no spam, no low ballers and no scam bs serious inquiries onlyText me at .
I have a markbass combo , little Mark 250, black line. I bought this brand new, and have went to a 2 10 combo. Works great p,envy of volume.